penguin balloon art


Shellyann, founder of WAB

"To look back over the past 16 years and see how far we've come…and to realize that the only advertising we've ever used is our business cards--with my little homemade logo that I drew when I was 18--and our customer's word of mouth, is amazing to me. Most of our clients are repeat customers and their friends. I love that I am now doing bar/bat mitzvahs for kids I've known since I first worked their 1st or 2nd birthday party. That's just incredible to me."


About Wild About Balloons

Shellyann and Bonnie are a daughter and mother combo who like to be creative and do things differently and a little more creatively than everyone else. They are often asked how and when the family art of balloon making was passed down. Well, it wasn’t! It was passed up!

When Shellyann was 17, her hairdresser changed her life. While her haircut was great, it was the basic balloon dog that she taught Shellyann to twist that really made an impact.

"I practiced all weekend, and after a year (and a few more sessions with my hairdresser) I opened my own business, Wild About Balloons.

Within three years, my mom had come to work with me. I started out making 10 basic balloon designs, such as: a heart, a sword, a dog…and now I make over 375 unique creations (including a few fan favorites such as our monkey in a tree with bananas, a penguin, a mermaid and our outrageous hats). "

To this day, Mother and Daughter team do events that range from simple beach BBQs to black tie affairs and movie premieres. Some of the more common events that Wild About Balloons are hired for include: birthdays, weddings/receptions, proms, and bar/bat mitzvahs.