christmas wreath


Some companies we've worked with:

Tony Roma’s
Radio Disney
Fullerton Library
City of Bellflower
Yeah Baby Convention
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Sony Studios
Warner Bros
Cedars-Saini Medical Center
Montage Resort and Spa

Corporate Events

We love to make balloons for a large variety of corporate events.

While company picnics and holiday events are the most common, I also like a new little niche that has discovered me. A few years ago I had a customer call me asking if I could help him with an big office meeting. He was in charge of a large, very important get together that included many business associates who would be commuting to L.A. from many different parts of the country. They were all very nervous about the BIG meeting and had never met one another. I was hired to break the ice and try to help everyone relax and spend social time together before the serious discussions of business were to begin. In a very large, cold and nearly silent meeting room I entered to find about 15 serious looking, well dressed business people. Within 1 hour they were all wearing crazy balloon hats, flower bracelets and ordering things to take home to their kids as souveniers . They were actually talking to each other as if they had been friends for years. I was later told that the meeting was much more successful than the organizer had even hoped for. It really made a difference that everyone had been distracted by the balloons enough to let their guard down and spent a little fun time together before the meeting started.

I have since mentioned this story to many of my customers and I’m being hired to make balloons at more office events that I ever imagined! I love making balloons for adults. Sometimes I think they like the balloons more than the kids do! We can also customize the selection of balloons that are offered to event guests.

While we are known for our intricate designs, making only 10-15 balloons an hour for an event hosing 1500 guests really isn’t practical. We can adjust our style to accommodate your needs. At party with a large amount of guests it is much more appropriate to limit the selections of balloons available. Large crowds are usually thrilled to receive either a poodle, flower, sword, heart or simple hat and we can make about 50 of these and hour.