Custom Balloon Art

Serving events ranging from small, humble birthday parties to star-studded movie premieres.


Introducing the range of services I provide.

Balloon Art

  • Our wearable balloon designs add visual interest and a ton of fun
  • 10-15 per hour
  • We use 100% biodegradable balloons
  • Headbands and LED lights are included
  • For an additional fee, we can custom design balloon creations to match your theme

Airbrush art

  • Bright and colorful face and body art that is water and sweat resistant. Great for pool parties
  • 12-15 per hour
  • Washes off with soap and water.
  • UV glow paint available
  • For an additional fee, we can custom design airbrush stencils to match your specific theme or logo

face painting

  • Classic face and body art
  • 10-12 per hour
  • Wipes off easily
  • UV glow paint available

glitter tattoos

  • Sparkly fun for kids and teens
  • 10-12 per hour
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Last up to 5 days
  • Can be removed with isopropyl alcohol
  • For an additional fee, we can custom design glitter tattoo stencils to match your specific theme or logo

About Shellyann

Hello, my name is Shellyann, owner and balloon artist/twister of Wild About Balloons! This is a snippet of my story: In high school, my hairdresser convinced me to learn a few basic balloon animal designs and work for tips at restaurants for her sister’s business. Well, what was supposed to be a nice summer gig then turned into a whole year of solid work and experience. Upon falling in love with this field, if you will, and rather quickly, I decided to start my own business at the age of 17, and NEVER have I looked back! It has been an absolute pleasure to entertain people and families all over Southern California, the place I’ve always called home. I truly love and adore the way balloons have introduced me to amazing people, beautiful cultures, stunning destinations, and incredibly delicious food… all from assiduously serving events ranging from small, humble birthday parties to star-studded movie premieres. Making a career out of my art has been a wondrous blessing, while being exposed to such worldly experiences, rich with diversity, has helped mold me into a better artist and to grow as a person of great empathy.

Client Testimonials

“Shellyann is an artist. Extremely and endlessly creative. Even the quality of the jewel-toned balloons she uses are better than any I've seen. I've had Shellyann or her mom at several of my parties and I'm still blown away by new balloon designs. She has special creations for Halloween and at a recent dinosaur-themed birthday party there were a variety of dinos. She creates balloons that kids play with and some that they cradle and treasure. She takes time with each child to give them exactly what they want. There's always a line, but no one seems to mind because she's entertaining to watch and she's very good at reassuring each child that their turn will come. If you hire her, be prepared to have all your guests ask, "Where did you find her? She's amazing!"
Carolyn Omine
"We Love Wild About Balloons!! All of our kids have grown up their entire childhood with Shellyann coming to all of their parties, big or small....once Shellyann arrives, then the party can start! We always have Wild About Balloons as a regular treat at every Celebration...Birthdays, Anniversaries, Halloween, Christmas...even end of school parties! Shellyann loves the kids and she never ceases to surprise us with all of her creative and gorgeous designs that delight the imaginations of all of our guests!! Shellyann has been a part of the Jenner Family Tradition for years!!!!!!!!"
Kris Jenner
"Shellyann is one of the leading balloon artists nationally - and she is truly an artist. Her creations are so life-like and full of personality and detail - they are just amazing. She is also reliable and has a great personality and is a real delight to work with. When you see her creations - like her flowers, her animals - her balloon jewelry - so incredible they are made from balloons! They create so much joy at events that many of the clients must have her again and again - at every party."
Rhonda Bright
Bright Entertainment

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